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I like all types of music for many different reasons, to invoke certain emotions or just because I am already feeling a certain way.

This particular clip that I found does a couple of things for me, allows me to escape and go to a place in my mind, often an exotic other life that I am sure I was in.  Also it allows me to relax 🙂

I hope you enjoy!

After the clip I have a question for anyone who would please answer, you might find it of interest 😀


I used to be, or am whichever way you look at it, a holistic therapist.  For many years I used to massage my clients using various techniques.  I am a touch person and now suffering chronic pain, I know the value of trusting touch from someone else, it takes a while to have that trust, doesn’t it?

There is no replacement for physical touch, however, I have learn’t through a friend to enjoy creative visualization and relate this to holistic massage.

ie; imagine lying down, wherever comfortable, feeling warm, having candles on, a nice smell diffusing throughout the room.  A gentle voice encourages you to close your eyes and relax your muscles.  You are in whatever position is comfortable, be it sitting or lying.

Then with accompanying relaxing music the voice walks you through a holistic massage. The words well placed to give you enough time to imagine the hands, how they work, how they make you feel.

I tried to find such a DVD that would do this and I can’t find one.

So I am proposing/thinking of doing one myself, for free to share to others who might like this.

But what I want to ask is, is this already available, if so where, have I missed a link?

If it is not available, is there a reason for this, no demand, no wish, would you like to have this?

I really would appreciate all comments before embarking on something that will take time but might or might not be wanted/required.

I of course think its a great idea, but I suppose I could do it for myself 🙂

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