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I could really do with some feedback from my current readers/followers.

As some of you may know I have 3 main blogs. 

When I started this I had no idea what blogging was like nor how time consuming be it wonderful time. 

Being a sensible kind of lass however I have realised that I need to make things a little easier for myself.

Currently I am feeling a little overwhelmed with logging in and out to different blogs to comment, read up, post etc.


To solve this and give me more quality time I am seriously considering migrating this blog over to eclecticoddsnsods.com

It will still be on its own template ie  be an independent blog, my posts won’t be with eclectics posts but it will be eclectics Gravatar and link that will be used for commenting etc.

What this means for me

One log in for both blogs to post,comment,write posts and re blog = more sanity for me, simplicity and more quality time to devote to my posts.

What it means for you

If you wish to follow me you will need to click follow on a new blog of which I will provide details. 

This blog will look exactly the same just a different URL. 

You will see eclectic name but still my ugly mug on all gravatars!

Sound like a good enough deal?

I will endeavour to start the change if I do next week but wanted to pre warn and get feedback!