Very good poignant post on how to communicate to a sufferer of chronic pain it’s not exhaustive but makes one think x

this great ape

It’s been a tough week in the ape preserve, I know, so as we close in on a holiday weekend, I thought I would lighten things up with a bit of chronic pain comedy.

Three Things Not To Say to People With Chronic Health Problems (and What You Can Say Instead)

(1) “I know this [specialist] you should see…”

Bear in mind that the person who is suffering is extremely motivated when it comes to seeking out medical help. After all, she is the one who has been unwell for this long. I assure you, she has been relentless in her pursuit of options to improve her condition. Internet searches, references from other doctors, exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, detoxing, changing her diet…I think you get the idea. She is thinking about what she could do to mitigate her health issues in every spare moment, often several times a…

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